Childress County

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Childress county is located 110 miles west of Amarillo and 155 miles southeast of Lubbock
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County seat

The Childress county seat is located 116 miles southeast of Amarillo, 139 miles northeast of Lubbock, and 108 miles northwest of Wichita falls.
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the population of Childress county as of 2013 is 7,095.


as of 2014 41.0% of Childress county residents are female leaving the other 39.0% of the population to be male.

58.8% of Childress county residents are Caucasian, meaning that this is the majority rate for this area

the median household income for a Childress count resident as of 2013 $47,532.


Most of Childress county residents work in agriculture to earn a living , whether this be by ranching or farming, both make around the same amount of money.
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The only major collage in Childress county is Clarendon Collage located on the east part of the town
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Mayor of largest town

the largest town in Childress is in fact, Childress! The mayor of this town, Brett Parr, is currently in his fifth year of office.
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Current problems

There has recently been an increase in crimes in this county, theft and breaking and entering in particular. This has especially become a problem close to the end of this year as people have more valuables in their homes with the holidays approaching.
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The largest city in Childress county is Childress