By: Shalani Shawn

The Jumanos Tribe


The Jumanos Tribe lived in the Mountains and Basins. One core or part of the tribe lived along the Rio Grande and Concho Rivers in West Texas.

Type of food they ate:

The types of food the Jumanos Tribe ate was corn, dried squashes, beans, and other produce from farming villages, in exchange for pelts, meat, and other buffalo products, and food such as pinon nuts, mesquite beans, and cactus fruits.

How their food was obtained:

The Jumanos obtained their food through agriculture, hunting and trade.

Type of dwelling they lived in: They lived in Puebloan style villages. They built houses and buildings called pueblos that were made from adobe bricks. Some also lived in teepees.

Weapons and/ or tools they used:

The Jumanos used buffalo- hide shields to protect themselves. They also used bow and arrows to hunt animals with. Some other things they would use were the antlers from the deer they hunted and the claws from the bears they hunted.

Special traditions they had and/ or religion:

As a tradition the Jumanos would paint stripes on their faces because of the distinctive pattern, and they would cover themselves with tattoos. They also have a traditional role in intertribal trade.

The Jumanos Tribe

Organization of leadership:

The Jumanos shared many cultural traits but had separate governments. The Jumanos are usually divided into three groups: Jumano Apache, Jumano Plains, and Jumano Pueblo. Many of the Jumanos were patrilineal, but some were matrilineal.

Where are they located now or what became of them:

The Jumanos relocated in East-Central New Mexico near several large salt lakes called "Humanas Pueblos." in 1598.

Unique fact or characteristic:

They spoke the Tanoan language.

Pictures of the Jumano Tribe

Facts about the Jumano Tribe.


- They celebrated many religious ceremonies.

- They are very good in trading.

- They have many tattoos.

- They arw nomadic people.

- They made shoes and clothing from buffalo.

The Jumano Tribe.