the wheeled cart times

a newspaper from ancient Mesopotamia


  1. Breaking news irrigation has started and there using it across the land. irrigation is movement of water to dry areas. Irrigation is used to get water to fields to make sure it dose not drought.Here we have local wood chopper bob. hello bob what do you do around here.” I chop wood” OK bob what do you think about irrigation. “I think it's a DIKE load of work, hahaha”.

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There has been a terrible drought and its ruined the town.A drought is when a area loses water and becomes cracked it's brought chaos everywhere. Also it's gonna rain in the west of mesopotamia. If you think about going out, DON’T the gods are angry and have made a land slide.It will be mostly sunny in west and east mesopotamia but in the north its looking pretty chaotic.Babylon is looking pretty good.

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Here we have a man named davey(who is a mesopotamian) who thinks he’s seen a god.” i saw god yesterday, he turned my bad crops into good crops”.mesopotamians only believe in one god.”Yes i recall seeing him waving, or was that wood chopin bob, in the fog”.well here we have his wife.”This is all phony babylony, it's just bob the lumber man and his search for silt.silt is a leftover mass, after water has been droughted.Well anyways see you next time on the wheeled cartt times.

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