By: Logan Berumen

About the Titanic

The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable. Nobody prepared enough life boats because they "knew" that the Titanic was not going to sink. It was one of the biggest cruises yet. Captain Edward J. Smith steered the ship. It was his last time until he was going to retire. White Star Line had created the Titanic. To run the ship took lots and lots of power. Twenty- nine humungous boilers would only power her two main steam engines. The Titanic only held aboard 16 life boats for such a big ship.

The Sink of The Titanic

Sunday, April 14 at 11:40 will be a day that most people will remember. A Terrible day where 1,500 peoples lives disappeared. The tragedy of the Titanic. It was a very icy day outside and many people were on the lookout for ice burgs. The Titanic got many warnings of ice burgs surrounding them. The captain, Edward J. Smith did not increase the jobs of the lookouts. Soon enough the Titanic hit an iceberg with it's hull. On the hull appeared a big gash. Water started to pour in, and the crew members knew that it was going to sink. One by one they started aboarding life boats. Only 65 people could fit on each lifeboat. The Carpathia aboarded every one on to there boat that made it into the life boats. They then arrived in New York where the Titanic was supposed to arrive. In 1985 the hull of the Titanic was found just off the coast of Newfoundland. Scientists today are still on the lookout for different parts and pieces from the sink of the Titanic.
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