A never ending cycle, that almost isn't worth it.

A Dream.

Many immigrants come into America with one dream- to strike it rich or go down trying.

Didn't Make It.

The ones who do not make big bucks fall into slums and ghettos of cities and towns because they never had a chance to get a footing here and then fall into the steep slopes of debt and depression.

I Fell.

One major reason for falling there in the first place is because the immigrant does not have any prior knowledge about America.

Having no knowledge about how things work in a country is a very bad thing, as then people will take advantage of you and steal from you.

Money Problems

Another reason for falling into depression is, if you don't have any footing to begin with, then how will you understand someone who is trying to assist you? Translators and lessons don't come cheap.

No Help.

Many immigrants come here without financial aid, not realizing the dangers, and their money runs out quick. Without outside help, you're basically defenseless.

How it all ties together to The Jungle.

Our main characters, Jurgis, and Ona, are a married couple from Lithuania. They come to America to marry, and very quickly lose their money, and fall into the slums. Their efforts to find a stable place to live seem to not make anything relatively better, and the couple faces many hardships.