Hall of Fame Induction ; Her Story

Poet and Author

Maya Angelou was an inspiring poet and author. She wrote 7 brilliant autobiography and many poems. Her books and stories inspired many people to keep hope and faith; the books talk about her struggles and how she overcame them by turning to God.

Maya Angelou’s life would continue to mirror the American landscape paving the way for a first hand experience with racism, single parenting, over-coming poverty, seeking higher education, creating wealth, living through and participating in the civil rights movement.

The Powerful Woman

Maya Angelou was born in St. Louis on April 4th, 1928. She lived with her crippled Uncle Willie, her brother Bailey Johnson, and grandmother Annie Henderson. In both Maya's childhood and teen years she was brutality and racial discrimination against everyday. She was also raped and sexually abused and Her Grandma reminded her that God is with her and writing poems and books helped her get through her problems.

Maya Angelou recorded history through poetry, biographies, journalism, children’s books, cook books, essay and by sharing her story is painting a picture of the American landscape for generations to come

The Awards

Maya received over 50 honorary degrees.

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