Spanish society in the 19th century

The economy and social transformations

Economy and industrialisation.

The industrial revolution was late and slow only in the Basque country.

Most of the population still worked in the fields like England or Germany used advances machinery.

The railway, didn´t appear until the second half of the century.The first train line, between Barcelona and Mataró, in 1848.


The bourguesie became rich and dominant social class. The bourguesie were upper class, lived in neighbourhoods called ensanches.

The industrial revolution brought social serious problems working conditions ( Had poor neighbourhoods whit bad living conditions.The poorest lower classes, like factory workers.) child explotation.In rural areas, the peasants lived in extrem poverty.



At the beginning of the century, revolucionaryatmosphere and faraway places .


In the middle of the century, writers and painters decided to the most disadvantaged aspect of the industrial society.


At the end of the century, impresionist painters were influence by technological advances.

Generation of 98

A group of writers and intelectuals who criticised Spanish society and called modernisation.

Scientific advances

Several reseachers achived:Ramon y Cajal recived the first Nobel prize for science.