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Week of April 27 - May 1

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2014-2015 DeGolyer Key Actions

1. Increase student academic achievement and close the achievement gap.

2. Increase quality use of data to drive instruction (Quality of Instruction).

3. Improve campus culture and climate.

Welcome to the new DeGolyer Details Newsletter!

In order to share more great instructional resources with you - We have switched to a new format!

It contains two main sections:
Information- This includes all operational items like action items, upcoming dates, school event pictures, staff spotlights, etc.
Instruction- This section includes resources that you can use in your classroom as well as "trending" observations (Teaching practices we are seeing) on our campus.

This newsletter will allow you to even add comments at the bottom - So we can collaborate with one another in one central location!

There is space for pictures, website links, videos and so much more! If you have any resources you would like to share with the staff - email Ms. Newton by Thursdays at 5.

We hope you enjoy!


Action Items

1. Climate Survey
2. Data Digs

Climate Survey Incentive Reminder!

Don't forget to complete your climate survey! Once you have taken the survey be sure to print off your confirmation of submission page. Take your printed submission to Ms. Jones and you will receive (once ordered) the following participation package: 48 Pencils, 1 Ream of paper, 4 pk of Dry Erase Markers & 1 Jeans Pass.
Remember- No one will be able to view your responses.

The vote is in! Real School Gardens Training will be June 12th

Friday, June 12th, 8am

3453 Flair Drive

Dallas, TX

Upcoming Events

4-27-15 Report Cards go home

4-27-14 ILT 3:30

4-28-15 FSAC Meeting 3:20

4-29-15 TAG Open house 3:00-7:00 (Portable B)

4-30-15 College Shirt Day

4-30-15 Pizza & Game Truck 3:00-5:30 (1st-3rd Gr)

5-01-15 Career Day

5-01-15 Daddy/Daughter Dance 7:00-8:30

5-04-15 ILT 3:30

5-05-15 5th Grade Ballroom Dancing 11:00

5-05-15 SBDM 3:30

5-07-15 School Musical 7:00

5-08-15 School Musical 1:15-2:45

5-12-15 BOC 3:30

(Bold text indicates it has been added since last Dolphin Details)

This Week's Duty

Morning Duty: 7:30-7:45

Cones, Carpool & Crosswalk:Mila & Katinas Martinez (7:45-8:00)

Auditorium: Bledsoe, Childs, Palacios, & Cuellar

Foyer: Cederwall & Brinkman

Afternoon Crosswalk Duty

Report to Duty by 2:50 and Stay Until 3:10

Monday - K-2: Feasel 3-5: Brinkman

Tuesday - K-2: Benton 3-5: Mays/Wilke

Wednesday - K-2: Martinez 3-5: Newton

Thursday - K-2: Butler 3-5: McMillan

Friday - K-2: Dosker 3-5: Campbell

Upcoming Birthdays

Ms. Prosser - May 7th

Spectacular Staff Spotlight

  • Shout out to the Kinder team for working incredibly well together to create rigorous and meaningful lessons for our kiddos!
  • Super Thanks to Ms. Dosker-Watkins for the seamless coordination and delivery of STAAR Testing!
  • Way to go to the ENTIRE staff for your cooperation & assistance during STAAR- Because of each one of you, our students had the best testing environment possible!


TEI Spotlight

In this section we will focus on TEI Indicators. We will provide resources that are related to the proficient & exemplary columns.
(In the comments section at the bottom- Feel free to share ways that you maximize instructional time in your classroom!)

This week we will look at 3.1 - Maximizes Instructional Time (Redirecting off-task behavior)
Big image
3.1 Resource: "Strong Voice" - Teach Like A Champion
(Correcting off-task behavior in a timely & specific manner)
Strong Voice

Technology Tip

Ever wanted to know how to take a screenshot (picture) of whatever is on your computer, tablet, or phone screen? Here's a link to directions that will teach you how!

It's Poetry Week .. and Month!

Here are some Poetry resources to assist you with implementing Poetry this month!
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