Joseph Saigh

Golf Conslutant

Abc Of Golf Straight From Joseph Saigh, The Dedicated Golf Consultant

Golf has always been a game of leisure and pleasure. Golf- the club and ball game is a classy game, which now-a-days has become too much on demand. Golf does not require any designated place to play, it requires just a ground with nine or eighteen holes, that’s it! - The least arrangement for this game has made Golf a leisure game which can be played anytime. Golf has always been a debated game when it is spoken about its origin, some says it has originated from Rome, others say it is from China or from Europe, the real fact is still undiscovered , but yes, the modern game of Golf with its current version has originated from Scotland in the 15th century.

regulations of Golf which makes the game enjoyable and safe. Learning these rules and the expert tips and tricks direct from the directory of Joseph Saigh the famous Golf Expert will make you to find the best way to know Golf in a much better way. Joe Saigh is the renowned golf expert who trains amateurs and professional in United States of America.

People who are Golf lovers are always eager to get great tips and lessons from Joe Saigh. To have a perfect stroke and to become an expert player you need to follow some simple rules:

Step 1- Have good body posture

As per Joseph Saigh, Golf Consultant body posture is really important to have a forceful stroke. You need to stand upright with your torso little bent frontward, with hips titled, and knee must be flexible and with all concentration you must have a free stroke by whipping the club.

Step 2- Hold the club well

The club must be in the right position. Remember to keep your club and feet at the same line before the stroke. Ones you are ready, drag the club backward from the toe level and then make straight forward stroke towards the ball so that it may get into the hole directly at one shot.

Step- 3- Hand and body coordination

Remember hand and body both work together. Try to have a good coordination between hand and body. Ones you have a good synchronization you can play really well.

Some golden rules by Joe Saigh

Remember practice makes man perfect, so practice Golf wherever you can. Dedication will give you ultimate result.
Know about your strength and weakness, face tournaments it will help you to face challenges.
Do not underestimate your competitors, observe them to know every details and weakness of your competitor.
Have a good golf swing lesson, ask your trainer about various strokes, which will help you have a better play. Try to discover your master stroke.
Have a good trainer to train yourself in a better way who can understand you and teach you to bring perfection in yourself.

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