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February 19, 2021

Principal's Corner

Dear FSA Families,

I hope that everyone has had a great week!

Throughout the week FSA students in Elementary through High School spent the week looking at everything CAREER! The pandemic may make things a little difficult but our school counselors did a fantastic job of putting together a fun and educational career week, all culminating into a full day of live zoom presentations from industry leaders! Students and faculty even got to have some fun with themed dress up days throughout the week! In the picture below our Admin Team members were twinning for twin day!

Huge thank you to the parents and community members who helped us put together a fun week for our precious students and for taking time out of your busy schedules to talk about your careers and day to day work!

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Today was also our Picture Make-Up day! The first picture day was on January 29th for our on campus students, followed by January 30th for our virtual students. Today, students had the opportunity to come to the school between 10am-6pm to have their picture taken, or if they were new to campus this month, had the opportunity to have their picture made during the school day. On February 1st, our Assistant Principal of Student Services, Mrs. Griffis, emailed all families with details on today's make-up day along with the other option of submitting a photo online using this form:


If your student has still not had their picture made, we highly encourage you to submit their photo using the google form. Today (2/19/2021) is the last day to submit your picture.

This week was also very special, with the Perseverance Rover successfully landing and starting its mission on planet Mars. I enjoyed watching a great video from Real Engineering Youtube Channel about the insane engineering of the perseverance rover. I am copying the video under my corner. I hope you enjoy watching it too.

Lastly, I hope that everyone has a beautiful weekend! I hear there will be some sunshine! Make sure you get out and enjoy the good weather!

With gratitude,

Dr. Kenan Sener


The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

A Message From The Mustang Support Organization

We will be celebrating Teacher's and Staff appreciation Week Virtually this Year. This year we celebrate a whole week from March 29th, Monday to April, 2nd Friday. Below is the itinerary of the Weekly events organized by the MSO to shower our teachers and staff with the appreciation they deserve!

***Please note Room Parents, Parents if you have other ideas or want to show appreciation to Teachers or Staff in different ways. Please free to drop the Item during the next resource Pick-up on March 13th, Saturday, or Drop the items at the front desk before the event between March 22nd- March 24th between 9:00a.m- 4:00 P.m to follow & maintain the School & CDC guidelines.***

Please reach out to below If the mentioned date above does not work for you to drop-off appreciation items.

For Elementary School - Mrs.Sanchez(csanchez@fultonscienceacademy.org) or Ms.Black (kblack@fultonscienceacademy.org)

For Middle School - Mr.Turan(nturan@fultonscienceacademy.org)

For Highschool - Mr Parlak (yparlak@fultonscienceacademy.org)

Also, please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us Mrs. Pam Sidhi, MSO Co-president (pam.sidhi@fsamso.org), Mrs.Koel Roy, Co-President (koel.Roy@fsamso.org), or MSO@fultonscienceacademy.org if you have any other questions.

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FSA's High School Counselors

Mr. Michael M. Oz

School Counselor & College Guidance


(678) 366-2555 ext:112

Last Names A - KI

Ms. Hibbah Agha

Professional School Counselor 9th – 12th grade


(678) 366-2555 ext:158

Last Names KO - Z


Fulton Science Academy provides a comprehensive and developmental counseling program for students in all grade levels. This program is designed to meet student needs by promoting and supporting personal, social, emotional, and academic growth.

Important Reminders

It's Time to Order Your 2020 - 2021 Yearbook

Regular Price: $35.90

Deadline to Order: March 23, 2021

Did you know that you have the ability to customize 2 free pages?!

  • Add photos from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive & more.
  • Answer fun Memory Questions to help remember the year.
  • The 2 Custom Pages are FREE and are printed ONLY in your book. Want more pages? Each additional 2 pages is just $0.99


FSA uses X2VOL as a tool to record your community service hours. Whenever you complete any community service hours, please make sure to:

1. Complete community service hours

2. Enter these hours into your account at www.x2vol.com

3. Get them validated by the contact person of the service organization/program

4. If you do not have a contact person, please upload any proof of service (letters, photos, other evidence, e.g.)

5. Reach out to your counselor and we will approve your hours

If you cannot get it validated due to any reasons, still reach your counselor and we will work on it with you to validate them.

Quote of the Week

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  • FSA's Annual Fundraising | Our Goal is 100% Participation
  • ICYMI: Mustang News from This Week
  • Register for Official SAT and ACT School Administration | Extended Deadline
  • Career Week at FSA
  • FSA Unicef Club Presents: Among Us Game Night | Feb. 26 @ 4:30pm
  • FBLA Week and Recruitment Drive
  • FSA's Mustang News Anchor Akshay Maharaj Takes a Closer Look at Current Issues Facing Young Minds Today
  • Virtual D.E.A.R. Day at FSA | High School Students are Invited to be Guest Readers for our Elementary Students
  • High School BETA Club Hosts Hygiene Care Drive during the month of February
  • Register for a Yale Virtual Session & Student Forum
  • UNITED NATIONS SEMESTER ONLINE: Scholarship Opportunity
  • United Planet Virtual Opportunity
  • GNFCC Emerging Leaders Program
  • And More!

FSA's Annual Fundraising | Our Goal is 100% Participation

This year our goal is to raise $200,000 with 100% participation from our families. Thanks to our generous families and community members, we have already raised $78,876 so far.

The funding from annual fundraising will be used for the third phase of our campus expansion, including the athletics field and arts center.

Please be reminded that any parent donating $1,000 or more will also earn a brick to be placed at our school entrance.

Please CLICK HERE to join our annual fundraising!

A heartfelt thank you for your support of our school. We are stronger together.

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ICYMI: Mustang News from This Week

Mustang News; February 17, 2021
Mustang News; February 19, 2021
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Register for Official SAT and ACT School Administration | Extended Deadline

Dear High School Students,

We are working on administering the "SAT School Day" and "ACT District administration" on our campus. Please fill out the form below to sign up for SAT by Friday, February 19th, 2021, and ACT by February 26th, 2021. You will be billed through Smart Tuition for the March 1st, 2021 billing cycle.


SAT (no essay) $49.50
ACT (with Essay) $59.50
ACT (without essay) $46.00

Career Week at FSA

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FSA Unicef Club Presents: Among Us Game Night | Feb. 26 @ 4:30pm

Join us on February 26 at 4:30 PM for a competitive game of "Among Us" to show your support for UNICEF’s global education programs! Participants will play together over Zoom and have the opportunity to meet new players, talk about the game, and compete in this multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal. Note that participants must have access to the game via mobile download or computer.
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FBLA Week and Recruitment Drive

This week, FSA FBLA celebrated FBLA-PBL Week, an annual week-long exposition of FBLA students’ accomplishments. This year, the special activities included everything from a webinar with the national FBLA President to students sharing reflections about their competitive events and experiences on their Instagram stories. More information about the special activities is available on our chapter’s Instagram page(@fsa_fbla).

With so many activities occurring, FSA FBLA has decided to launch its second Recruitment Drive of the year to give students a chance to learn about the world of business and prepare for the upcoming school year. The Spring Recruitment Drive will be open until March 15th. Students who recruit 2 or more students will be entered into a raffle for a $25 Amazon e-Gift card. Email the names of recruited students to fsafbla@gmail.com

Google Form to join FSA FBLA: https://forms.gle/YAGdsK6H19oTHbwn9

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FSA's Mustang News Anchor Akshay Maharaj Takes a Closer Look at Current Issues Facing Young Minds Today

When it comes to recent current issues, there are many events in the past three months that will definitely go down in the history books of the United States. Mustang News reporter Akshay Maharaj … takes a look at how best as students we can digest live historical events rather than from books.

The month of January is always an interesting month and can feel like the longest at times. When you add in an active pandemic, a state senate run-off election, various interruptions to the smooth transition to a new president elect it can be overwhelming and all consuming. I sat down with two of our resident experts when it comes to digesting live historical facts and keeping our calm.

As students of history past and present , how do we process all the information and events circling us from basic human rights, the recent threat to our democracy and in general the renewed drive to get the vote out among others. Here’s Kelley Rodgers, FSA’s Social Studies Department chair to guide us in this journey.

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As with any young, impressionable, developing mind, how do you go about forming your own opinions with confidence, rather than just following the ideas and theories of others. I spoke with one of FSA’s councilors with a specialty in mental health and PHD candidate, Hibbah Agha on this issue.
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Mustang News also asked Mrs. Rodgers, who is actually teaching a current affairs class this year for high school in her experience, how can you follow current affairs events, be informed, but impartial if at all. She shared these words of wisdom.
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Here’s a challenge … As you follow the events post November Presidential election, leading up to the inauguration and all that happened in between, take a moment and ask yourself, what are my thoughts on the unfolding democratic process and how do I want to see it progress?

Akshay Maharaj - FSA Junior

Virtual D.E.A.R. Day at FSA | High School Students are Invited to be Guest Readers for our Elementary Students

We are excited to celebrate Read Across America Week in elementary at FSA. To finish out the week, we will have our annual D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) day on Friday, March 5th. We would love to make this day special for our students by having some guest readers join in on the fun! High School Students are also encouraged to participate if they are able! We also think our students would LOVE to see their familiar FSA faces for a read aloud and/or activity if you are interested. These read alouds would be done virtually. If you are interested and available, please sign up below!

Thank you for helping make this a memorable day for our students!

High School BETA Club Hosts Hygiene Care Drive during the month of February

This month, High School Beta club is hosting a hygiene care drive for those in need. Donations include
  • soap
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrushes
  • Q-tips
  • shampoo
  • and more.
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For on campus students, a donation box can be located at the front lobby. For online students, donations can be made on one of the drop off dates that will be announced soon! Volunteers are also needed to create the different packages. Stay tuned to Mustang News and the school newsletters for more updates on this drive.

Register for a Yale Virtual Session & Student Forum


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Scholarship Details

FIET offers this exclusive scholarship to high school students seeking to participate in our UN Semester Online program. FIET will provide a one-time scholarship of $4,000 to outstanding students who have demonstrated their academic excellence.


  • High school students currently in their junior or senior year
  • Minimum of 4.0 GPA
  • Minimum of 1450 SAT score*

*(based on 1600 total scale)

Students interested in applying for the UNSO scholarship must submit their application by February 22, 2021.

United Planet Virtual Opportunity

Virtual volunteering and interning are a way for students to get globally involved by supporting international organizations or schools in different countries. We have had a student from Fulton Science Academy participate in a program with United Planet.

This student completed a month-long internship with United Planet. Their country of focus was Costa Rica. During their time with United Planet, they raised awareness about several types of cancers by creating awareness posters that were translated into Spanish and then posted online. Through this internship, they gained a better understanding of Costa Rica’s culture, gained work experience, and were able to make global connections.

Generally, United Planet virtual quest participants' day to day tasks all depend on the organization or field they chose to work in.

-Erin Leonard (International Programs Coordinator at United Planet)

United Planet: About Us

GNFCC Emerging Leaders Program

The Greater North Fulton Chamber is hard at work planning for our 2021-22 Emerging Leaders (ELP) program, and we hope your students from Fulton Science Academy will join us!

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) offers a unique opportunity for sophomores and juniors from North Fulton high schools who wish to develop leadership skills, identify and address community issues and interact with local leaders. This is accomplished through a combination of interactive lectures, discussions, site visits, outside activities, community service, and networking opportunities.


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Pillars of the program include promoting community awareness, instilling civic responsibility, and building relationships. Students engage civic leaders through program class days including:

  • Leadership Training
  • Recognizing Your Strengths
  • Working with a Team
  • Professional Development
  • Financial Literacy
  • Mock Interview
  • Community Service
  • Government & Judicial
  • Valuing Community Diversity
  • Health & Wellness
  • Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurism
  • Public Safety & Justice

Click Here for the program link.

Empower and inspire in your Mustang Talk, a spin on TED Talks!

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Introducing Mustang Talks


  • There are three rounds:

    • Round I: Presentations to Ms. Agha and Ms. Oliver during club time in February (self-scheduled) for initial feedback.

    • Round II: Polished presentations to Ms. Agha and Ms. Oliver during club time in February (self-scheduled) for final practice and feedback

    • Round III: Live performance April 16th - time TBD

  • Theme: “2020 Taught Me”

  • Speech length: 5-10 minutes

  • Open to all high school students (virtual and in-person)!


  • 1st place: $300

  • 2nd place: $200

  • 3rd place: $100

This is an AMAZING chance to practice your public speaking skills, receive feedback and coaching, gain confidence, and reflect on 2020!

We are excited to hear from you!

Questions? Reach out to Ms. Oliver (joliver@fultonscienceacademy.org) or Ms. Agha (hagha@fultonscienceacademy.org)

Quest Bridge College Prep Scholars Program

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FSA's Sideline store offers families the opportunity to show their school spirit at or away from school! You have the ability to fully customize your apparel and the site offers brands such as The North Face, Under Armor, Nike, and more!

Items include shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, performance wear, polos, pullovers, jackets, vests, headwear, bags, chairs, bibs, drinkware, knits, blankets, and more!!!

Check out the site today to get your very own customized FSA apparel!

How Does Aftercare Work for High School Students?

High School Families,

We would like to openly tell you that when more students stay for after school care, it will be harder for us to protect the safety of after school care students during the pandemic. Therefore, If your child is not staying for After-School Clubs or Tutoring, we strongly ask you to pick up your child between 3:16 pm and 3:40 pm.

If your child stays for After-School Clubs or Tutoring, please pick-up your child between 4:00 pm - 4:10 pm.

After school care begins at 4:10 pm and continues until 5:30 pm.

For those students who regularly use after school care, we recommend the monthly payment plan to save money. After school care fee is $20 per day for the monthly payment plan. If you are not interested in a monthly registration, you will indicate this on the form sent in your email. You will be charged $30 per day as you use after school care. After 5:30, the fee increases to $40, and $1 is added for each minute after 6:00. If a student is not taken by 7:00 pm, we will inform the local safety authorities for the safety of the student.

If your child will be joining after school care, you will follow the drive to pass the front of the school and park your car at the far end of the building. After parking your car, you will enter through the courtyard entrance. You will not come inside the school building. Please enter the courtyard, and knock on the door "L25" for Middle School and "HS Hangout" for High School students. The images below will help you to see where to park, enter the courtyard, and pick up your child. Please make sure to have your carpool card with you. Please make sure to be wearing a mask, and please maintain social distancing while traveling up the stairs to get your child. Once you have picked up your child, please exit from the same courtyard entrance.

Please note: families are not permitted to gather and remain in the courtyard area after picking up their children.

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"HS Hangout" for High School

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Please knock on the door and wait for an FSA faculty member to come to check out your child. Please have your carpool card available and ready, and please be wearing a mask during after school care pick-up.

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