When is it too much?

Hurried Child Syndrome

What is this syndrome?

The Hurried Child Syndrome is a condition when parents have a tendency to over schedule their children in too many activities to the point where they overwhelm their child with to much.


A hurried child has a lot of characteristics. The main one is where the parent puts them in everything possible from violin lessons to soccer practice to even tutoring. Another characteristic is when parents are forcing them to achieve to great lengths. Parents are doing this to live through their kids.


Children definitely get effects with this syndrome. Because of their parents, children are forced to take a lot on in a short time. Kids feel like they need to be perfect in order for their parents to appreciate them. The effect of this syndrome are that kids get anxiety and get super stressed out from all that is going on. They show symptoms of even depression and 6 million kids now are medicated with antidepressants. There will always be effects if parents don't let their kids be kids and keep pushing them over their limits.


There is definitely solutions to this syndrome. Parents need to understand when it's too much for their kids. If they see that their child is stressed out they need to know that they must back off. Also not getting them involved in every little thing it's important to get them involved in some things but not all of them, that just puts so much pressure on them to do good in everything they are involved in. Parents also need to be more understanding in giving their child the option to do it or not.