Disney World

Happiest place on earth by: Taryn Clevenger

When was Disney World built?

So when was Disney World built? it was built October 1st 1971. It opened to great success . After that year Walt Disney died . But Roy continued to supervise the project .

Who is the creator of Disney World?

The creator of Disney World is Walt Disney . Walt Disney was the creator of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck . Walt Disney was born on December 5 , 1901 and died on December 15 , 1966 . Soon his father and family moved to Kansas City , Missouri and brought morning newspapers and had his young sons to assist him .

What theme parks are at Disney?

Disney World resort has 4 theme parks . All of the theme parks at Disney World are Magic Kingdom , Epcot , Disney's Hollywood Studios , and Disney's Animal Kingdom . The most popular theme park at Disney World is Magic Kingdom .
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How many rides are at Disney World ?

At Disney World there are 46 rides !! That's right 46 rides some of the rides at Disney World are Expedition Everest , Tower of Terror , Seven Dwarfs and Test Track, that's not all the rides at Disney that's only a few of them .
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How much does Disney cost ?

For 1 day to go to Disney and visit Magic Kingdom for an adult is $105 and a kid 3-9 costs $99 . To go to Disney for 1 day to go to Epcot, Animal Kingdom,or Disney's Hollywood Studio's it costs $97 for an adult and $91 for 3-9 years .

Fun Facts

-Disney's characters Mickey , Minnie , Donald Duck and Pluto achieved wide popularity in the 1930's

-In 1955 Disney's Disneyland was opened

-In 1937 they encouraged the company to produce Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

-The first ship in Disney Cruise was launched in 1998

-In the mid 1990's the Disney Company branched Broadway musicals