By: Macie Fox

What is Islam?

Islam is a monotheistic religion that follows the god of Abraham, is known as Allah in Islam. The holy city is Jerusalem, Israel, and a holy place is the Dome of Rock (A Holy Mosque in Jerusalem) Followers are called Muslims, they have six major beliefs: 1. Beliefs in Allah, Angels, Their Holy Book (Koran), Prophets, Day of Judgement, and Predestination. Muslims have Five Pillars of Faith: Shahada, Sulut, Zakat, Siyum, and Hajj. For Muslims the place of worship is called a Mosque, The Dome of Rock (a famous Mosque) is located in Jerusalem. Their worship leader is the Prophet Muhammad. Muslim holidays/ holy days are: Ramadan (The 9th month in the Islamic calendar, Muslims will fast during daylight because the gates of Hell are closed.) and Id Ul- Fitar (The festival for the first day after Ramadan. Muslims celebrate by eating good food, exchanging presents, and giving to charity.)

Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

All three of these religions have one common holy figure. Abraham. All three religions believe that their religion is monotheistic. (The belief that there is only one god.)