Love Troubles

Hermia's Playlist

Love Works Itself Out in the End

ENDLESS LOVE Lionel Ritchie duet w Diana Ross w lyrics

Track One: Endless Love

"'Cause you, you mean the world to me."

I think that is what Hermia would be listening to in the beginning because she is willing to leave her county just to be with her love Lysander.

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever (Official Video)

Track 2: I Love You Always Forever

I think that she would be listening to this song as they are escaping because it is a song that really shows true love for someone. Not many people would run away from everyone they know so that they could be with one person that they love.
The Beatles - And I Love Her [HQ Original Audio]

Track 3: And I Love Her

I think that she would be listening to this song when she is escaping and they are starting to get tired and the moon is out and the stars are out and she has many things to compare Lysander against.
Slow, Calm and Peaceful Instrumental Music - smooth piano and guitar - relaxdaily N°055

Track 4: Slow, Calm, and Peaceful Instrumental Music

I think she would be listening to this when she is about to lie down with Lysander and go to sleep with him. I chose this because it is a calm and relaxing piece which is probably how she feels when she is going to sleep.
Relaxing Piano Music - Nature Scenes Meditation

Track 5: Unconditional

I chose this as what Hermia would be listening to when she was asleep even though she probably wouldn't be listening to anything. I chose it because it kind of had a hopeful side to it just like her being able to be with Lysander.
Scared - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Track 6: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

I don't think she would be listening to this song but it kind of represents her environment around her.To her it's scary, creepy, and everything else because she is in a dark forest and her boyfriend just ditched her there.
Boost Music- Anger Of The Gods (2012 Epic Action Intense Orchestral Choral Powerful)

Track 7: Anger of the Gods

I think that this song shows her emotions throughout the time where she finds Lysander and finds him going after Helena. It's just a confusion type thing and then a huge explosion of anger, which is kind of what happened.
Kári Sigurðsson- Avenging Angel (2012 Epic Intense Hybrid Action Electronic Battle Orchestral)

Track 8: Avenging Angel

I think that this song is what she would be listening to when she was on the verge of trying to tear Helena to pieces. There are parts that get really intense like she is about to do it, but then at the end it calms down a little bit.
Jesse McCartney - Back Together (Lyric Video)

Track 9: Back Together

(Ignore the first 20 seconds). I think this is how Hermia feels. They are getting back together ever since Lysander's love potion thing got reversed. He meant the world to her and still does.
A time for us Karaoke Andy Williams

Track 10: A Time for Us

(Ignore the lyrics) I think it shows that they finally got to the end where everyone is very happy with each other and there is a big wedding and everything is fantastic at the end. Everything solved itself out in the end. Just like my theme.