Gays and Lesbians Should Be

Gay and Lesbians Should Be Allowed to Be Foster Parents

Gays And Lesbians should Be Parents Too!

There's nothing wrong with the gender you like, people can't judge Gay's or Lesbian's cause when he or she is in love, you can't do anything about it, it's just like this one sad story about this little girl who got bullied cause her parents are both Lesbians but it's been a month she's been bullied. Her mother has been wondering what's been bothering but Ashely, the little girl who's been bullied badly most of the kids over at school has been saying "You like boys! you like boys!" just to give her crap how her life is. It's a very sad story what happens but the beginning starts like, when she was born with two beautiful mothers and life goes on as a little girl about 5 or less years ago she was in middle school normal as always but till this one day she saw a boy that she really likes and one boy causes trouble to a girl like Ashely. Everybody noticed she's been around him a lot, everybody noticed she was with him but the day after what happened, he had to break up with Ashely all of her friends saw them have the last kiss for goodbye. When that happened the little boy told her to run and never come back, and what Ashely do? She ran away back to home, Her mother was wondering why she's home so early.. she didn't answer her question, all that Ashely do is run to her bedroom and cried. The next day she went to school and the first thing that happened is that she gotten bullied, her friends got to the ground and beaten her half to death, again. After school she came home with a busted lip, bruises and crying up to the bathroom upstairs, pretending that she's taking a bath to wash off the marker on her forehead but what Ashely did is run warm water into the bathtub and take a blade step into the bathtub. Both of her mothers came up stairs but what Ashely did is started to cut crying, one of her mothers broke down the door But freaked out cause all they saw was bloody water in the bathtub with a crying child depressed so badly that she told everybody she doesn't want to live anymore, all she wanted is to be normal like everybody else.

It's a very sad story is you seen the video of the story.

What should be right!

No matter what happens to the love you have to this day, will always be yours forever if you have an argument or fights you will always forever be in love with the woman or man you're with. Doesn't matter what label you are.. Emo, Scene, Gothic.. just the normal part of you, i was once in love with a woman who loved me deeply. To this day she still loves me, doesn't matter who you two are, you are in love and nobody can judge what you are.

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What people shouldn't think of

People shouldn't judge what type of gender you like, example.. I dated a girl named Taylor Thompson, was dating for almost a year last year until we had to move back to New Mexico, worse thing ever happened.. we both moved on.. I'm single looking for someone who understands me and thinks the same and Taylor is getting back together with her ex-girlfriend, getting married pretty soon, i sould congratulate her.