Google Takeout

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What is Google Takeout?

Google Takeout allows graduating students to download an archive with your data from Google Apps including Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Blogs (via Blogger), and YouTube Videos

Why do I need it?

After you leave the school district, you lose access to your school Google Apps account. You will no longer be able to access your email, blogs, drive, and videos.

Ready to export/download a copy of your Google Drive/Google Apps files?

  • Go to
  • Be sure you are logged in as your student Google account
  • Select All or select the data you wish to include
  • Click Next
  • Choose your preferred file type (.zip) and delivery method (email)
  • Click Create Archive

Zip files can be opened on almost any computer. Archives larger than 2GB will be split into multiple .zip files.

After Google finishes creating your archive, they'll email you a link so you can download it to your personal device. You will have one week to retrieve your archive. You can also download the file to a USB flash drive stick.

You do not have to stay on the download page if you check the option “Email me when ready” which will notify you when the zip file is available. This may take awhile depending on the amount of data you have stored.

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Google Drive Exporting Options

If you click on the down arrow where Drive is listed, you can customize how you'd like the files to be available once exported from your Google Drive. Click on the image to the right which highlights the recommended settings for the export.
Google Takeout - Exporting Data

Questions? Contact Tarah Tesmer

Tarah is the Instructional Technology Specialist for Woodridge School District 68.