Girl gets famous by doing bad dance

Did this girl do it to be famous?

Girl can't dance

A thirteen-year-old girl named Emma is at her karaoke machine, dancing to a Jackson Jax song, when her twin brother decided to get revenge on her. He wanted to make her life miserable since he couldn't try the karaoke machine. But when he did Emma had gotten angry and upset, causing her to yell at him. When she got to school everybody saw it. Was this the chance to be famous or was it the chance to be made fun of for the rest of her life? Her friend Aubree and her had always dreamed of being famous and Emma got it. But the life Emma always wished for is destroying her friendship with Aubree. " You're jealous," Emma told he. "Maybe I need a new best friend- someone who can deal with the awesomeness in me." With those words, Emma made a big mistake and she knew it from the beginning she said it.

Emma says sorry

The life she always wanted ruins her.

When Emma's 15 minutes of fame were over she discovered that friendship was better than fame. However in the start she thought fame was all she needed. When Emma was hanging with the "popular" kids she felt left out. With that thought, she wanted Aubree back. Emma knew she had to say sorry a million times if it took Aubree to forgive her. Being famous wasn't all she needed it was the friendship that truly mattered.
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