End of the Year

Web Tools & Resources For You

PBS Educational Video Collection

PBS Media includes thousands of videos categorized by grade and subject; also includes discussion questions and activities to go along with videos.

Impressive Presentation Tools


EdCanvas offers a really neat, clean way to organize information; it even lets you search for the information within the site. Also able to upload files and insert from Google Drive!


Create animated presentations, this is the coolest presentation tool I have seen.

Dynamic Timelines!


Timetoast allows you to create interactive, easy to follow timelines. Very easy to use.

Make Interactive Images!


Add text, images, links, and videos to sections of a picture. This is cool!

Awesome Photo Stories


Add narration to photos, combine for a collage photo story.

Amazing Infographics


Various templates to choose from, just select and input your information. Creates a very nice visual of information!