If I were The Giver...

The ability to see beyond


If I were the Giver I would want the community to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday, not only because of the presents I receive but because of them time you get to share with family and friends. Christmas is a time of love and a time of sharing what you have with others. During this time Jesus Christ our lord and savior was born and without him we would not be redeemed through faith. I also think that the community will benefit from this holiday because they don't celebrate any holidays and its a time for spending time with your loved ones. The community can really bond from this experience, as well as draw closer together from decorating the Christmas tree to singing and listening to Christmas carols, together as one big community.


Another thing I would want the community to experience if I were the Giver is internet. The freedom of being allowed to go on the computer and stream through the internet is quite a gift. Instead of having to continuously read books to figure out things you could easily go on the internet type in what your looking and right away you get over 1,000,000 results. The internet has so much information you can search up everything these days even who your ancestors were. If internet didn't exist then I do think it would be difficult. Social media wouldn't exist, cooking recipes would be hard to get, checking the prices of the food item... All of these things are easy to find all thanks to the internet if it wasn't there I think that the world would be very boring and you wouldn't be able to communicate with people easily unless by letter or in person. Even though in that community you cant really do much I think it will still make a difference.


The final thing I would like the community to experience if I were the Giver is nature. Being able to smell the aroma or gardens and being able to see the sunlight and sunset are quite beautiful things that some of us take for granted. Nature is an important aspect in or lives because it plays a big role in our lives. Take for example the trees, we need trees to breathe and to make paper, wood etc... If trees did not exist it would be hard for us to breathe. Jonas' community needs that because I don't know where there oxygen and/or paper comes from. Nature is a very beautiful thing and I believe that everyone should be allowed to experience it.
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