Richfield High School

4th-Cunningham-Jaylan Reed

Online safety.

Something i would want people to know about being safe online is that you never give your full information. You don't want to give all of your information because people can search you and try to find where you live and you never want no one to know where you live because, it can be the wrong person. I would tell people to make sure they check for any errors such as spelling or random mistakes throughout the text that they are looking at.

Information literacy and scams.

* The first thing that I would want someone to know is that you can't feed into what other people are saying this is important because when you get into someone else mess on any social network that can get you into some mess that have nothing to do with you.

* The second thing I would want to let someone know is, don't always put your two cents in because really nobody cares about what you think and also you just got yourself into a bad situation.

*The final thing I would let someone know about what others post is if the other people are always negative just unfriend them because who wants a negative person all down their newsfeed I know I don't so just let them know or unfriend them. It's that simple.

Responsible use.

*One thing I would want someone to know about checking digital content is when a website ask for your credit card information and money has nothing to do with it, but they're asking for money to like use the page don't give them your information they're scammers.

*Another thing I would let someone know is when an add pop up on the website don't fall for it. The add could be about something so different from the website, in my opinion if a add pops up on the screen that clearly means that the website isn't secure and that anyone can have access to it for them to be able to add any pop-ups to the website.

* One last thing is always check the spelling or the placement of the words if there is misspelling or not good grammer I don't trust the site because a real site will have good spelling and make sure it's perfection


*One thing I would do is report it to a staff member. This is important because, we can't do anything to the bullies without getting in trouble so I would let a staff member know so that they can do something about it.

*Another thing I would do is stand up for the kid and help him/her out. This is important because, sometimes the staff doesn't do anything but have a meeting which mostly doesn't help because it continue still after the meeting or the "talk".

*The last thing I would do is report it to the police or something if it gets worse and suicide or self-harm is involved. This is important because the staff didn't help my help didn't help and the person is still getting bullied then we have a problem and we need to fix this problem and get rid of the bully.


DON"T BULLY!!!!!!!!!!!