Elisha Graves Otis

Father of safe elevators

Meet Elisha Graves Otis

I can't wait to know and learn about Elisha Otis and what he did for his country.

Where he was born

He was born in Halifax,Vermont August,3 1811

Him,Susane Houghton Otis,and Charles Otis

The people that was in his family

His members

The people that was in his family was James Sr, James jr, Mercy, samuel, Harrison, Eliza, Marian, Harry, Norman, Otis, Elwell, Samuel Eliot, Franklin, Montgomery, Robert, John, James, John G, Norton, Amelia Earhart.

His wife

He married 2 women his first wife was Susane houghton, and his 2nd wife was Elizabeth.

His one kid

He had one son named Charles Otis.

His death.

He died on April,8th 1861. He was 50 years old. That is really young to die.

What he is known for

He is known for making the first safe elevators.

This is how he helped our society

He did it to help the U.S.A be safer when you ride elevators.So it would be easier to get floor to floor.At first people died from falling in elevators.

This is what I have learned about him.

This person seems to care about the people around him and wants them to be safe while riding elevators.

Here is what I it was like researching him

I think that it was a fun experience learning about Elisha Otis and what he did for our country.
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