Dreams By: langston Hughes

By: Cheyenne Corbitt


The title makes me think that dreams will talk about someones dreams and how they achieved them.


Dreams can go faster than you think and you got to make sure to hold them tight but most dreams can't all fly.


the author feels that we should all try to follow our dreams and hold on tight for the journey!


The tone feels in the middle of happy and sad like we should follow our dreams but be careful on how we follow our dreams. The tone is probably scared to follow dreams.


The shift changes when it talks about a bird wing breaking and he can never fly again it gives a unhappy feeling, it goes happy then sad.


The title now shows that it is not about just one person's dreams but what can happen to everyone else's dreams


The theme is to make sure you follow your dreams in the right way doing the right thing you can't just not play on the side lines and go to be a NFL football player you need to work for it dream for it and make sure you get there.