Literacy Resources

This is a webpage that I had learned about recently and thought I would like to try out :) I just thought I would see how it works to send out some of the resources that different groups of us have been seeing in different trainings so that everyone could read/view them if they are interested!

Resources Shared at the Literacy Action Network

Once per month, Chris, Jess, Holly, and Kathryn are meeting with people from many area schools with a focus on literacy. These resources are from the initial meetings that were focused on identifying some of the Pillars of Literacy in our school - we missed that meeting, but plan to work with staff to identify some areas of literacy in the classroom that we all believe in. We will continue to share resources from this group. Next up: conferring.


Everyone is excited to begin using LLI with our students as an intervention! The webinar below provides an overview of the program and structure of the lessons. This was shared at the training by Kathleen Westafer.

Pajama PD

The Educator Collaborative is a group started by Chris Lehman seeking to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers everywhere. Recently a full day of online sessions was held and the videos of those webinars are available for viewing. There are some giants in the field of literacy who led sessions and these might make some good viewing for PLCs or an evening of inspiration :)