Taif & Dammam

Comparing Between Taif and Dammam

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The Weather

The First thing i thought about when i trying to compare between my childhood city Taif and my current city Dammam is the weather.
When i was living in Taif i cannot remember if i got sweaty any day even if i was playing beneath summer sun. Taif weather was almost cold all the year. On the other hand, Dammam is extremely hot in the summer and pearly cold during winter.

The Life Style

The greatest thing about Taif is how small and quite it's while Dammam is bigger and much loader. The most striking feature about Dammam is the long beautyful beachs which attract the tourist.

The Location

In addition Taif location is on the west region of Saudi Arabia near of the most important cities Makkah and Madinah while Dammam location is on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia which makes it near of most Arabian Gulf countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Emirate and Kuwait.