How did they build the Titanic

by isabell lippies

How do you build an unsinkable ship? if we talked to the people who made the titanic maybe we could ask. so who are the people who built the titanic and why did they build it ?Harland and Wolff , shipbuilders for white star line , built the titanic. A navel architect named Thomas Andrews designed the ship for white star line.

Why they built a fancy ship?

White Star decided to build the great ship after their competitor Cunard who had two of the fastest ships in the ocean at the time. Instead of building a faster ship White Star decided to build a bigger and fancier ship than any other ship around.

Where was the ship built?

The Titanic was built in Belfast, north Ireland . The ship was almost 883 feet long and 104 feet tall. Building of the ship started in 1909 and was completed in May of 1911. After the outside was completed the ship was then moved to begin installing the interior of the ship. Because of the size of the titanic, Harland and Wolff had 3000 people building the ship.

Why was it built?

The design of the Titanic was meant to make the ship unsinkable. This was made by the design of each compartment or section of the ship. The compartments were separated by watertight dividing walls. These walls were made so that if one to four compartments were damaged and took on water, doors would automatically shut which would seal those damaged compartments off from the rest of the ship.

How did it sink?

Unfortunately, the Titanic hit a large iceberg that ripped five compartments open forcing rushing water in faster than the watertight dividing walls could be shut. The Titanic took on so much water on one end that the ship stood on its end before the weight of the ship made it split in the middle and eventually sinking the Titanic


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