Figure Drawing

Start with proportion!

Go to the link on the moodle, or search for a proportion chart using 7.5-8 heads. Draw a male or female in ideal proportion using a one inch head proportion. Mark off a ruler using one inch . Then draw the figure usiing your head. See example to the right.

Then practice drawing the proportion of your model.


Draw your own hand in your sketchbook!

Draw 5 hands in your sketchbook using different poses.

When you have finished this assignment you will need to get charcoal paper and tone your paper to draw your hand composition.

Draw your feet

Take off those shoes and draw your own feet. Try different angles! Draw an entire page of feet studies.

Watch the video. When you are ready to draw your final study, get a piece of charcoal paper and draw a feet composition

Take turns playing artist and model!

Get a classmate to be your model. They will pose in standing and seated poses. Do 3-5 gesture drawings to capture the pose and work on proportion. Take turns so that each of you have drawings.

Longer Poses

Observational Drawing is Authentic!