Principals Peek at the Week

Jane R. Mills February 12- 19, 2018

Time to Hit the Target!

The Winter Olympics have just launched and dedicated and motivated athletes from all over the world are targeting their personal goal. When we watch their stories, we see that behind the scenes, many people have been part of this pursuit. Although the goal may seem personal, it is actually a commitment from so many.

What lesson can we as adults use from studying the Olympics? Can we hit the target with simple rituals and intense work outs in our teaching that will allow our students to grow?

A few reminders....

  • Our school has enormous support systems.
  • Our school has funding both from General Funds and Local funds that allows you to have endless supplies and teaching tools.
  • Our school values time and allows you time to plan and have autonomy on many levels.
  • Our school has coaches that are knowledgeable and will work beside you to help you soar.
  • Our school has an amazing facility with a theater, new playgrounds, clean classrooms, and a great food service program.
  • Our school has a front office that walks the front line every day. Their job is one of the hardest, yet they do it with a smile.
  • Our school has two afterschool programs which keep students safe while parents work and to keep students engaged when living in at risk settings.
  • Our social worker, mental health, behavior interventionist and counselors are exemplary.
  • Our school is filled with students who love school. They ask to come to school and they are well behaved! They are not elite, spoiled or bitter about life---- instead they LOVE you and they know that school is good.
  • Our school has so much!

With these reminders, we can hit the target. Teach -knowing that you have all of the above. When you feel tired, stressed, and sometimes frustrated... just like a driven athlete, think about the list above. Often, we forget how good things are until we do not have them anymore. Appreciate the core of our school.... the tools are there for you to use to grow your students.

Remember the HOW and the WHY. As these young people earn gold, silver and bronze at the Olympic game, and we all smile and cheer for them, be reminded to smile and cheer for those that you are coaching, that you are inspiring, that you have the privilege of teaching.

Weekly Calendar

February 12-19

February 12- Class Pictures 1:00 webinar- Admin

February 14, Valentines treats- 1:30 launch- end by 2:15 (craft, small treats)

February 15- Third grade Theater- ARTS, PJ day $1.00 for drama club

February 16- Autonomy Day- Prepare for the next 73 days of school, Welcome Mr. Gregory, our new Plant Engineer

**SLO ongoing all month

Vision, Mission due this week

All grade levels should submit a draft vision and mission statement from the work we did as a whole faculty earlier in the month. Each sample will be added to a working document which will be shared with SIC on 2/22/2018.

Please add this to your weekly minutes which you should share weekly to drive. Also, email me with concerns and questions so that I can communicate quickly to assist you.

Big picture

Awards Coming soon...

2/21 should added to calendar for awards day, grades 2-5. We will not have assemblies this year for grades K/1. We ask that those in grades 2-5, pin perfect attendance ribbons with each child that is be acknowledged for perfect attendance. When we announce, students will stand in place.

We will call A, AB and Bringing Up Grades to the stage. There is no Terrific Kid as this is not sponsored by Kiwanis at this time.

Date 2/21

Grade 2 awards 8:30 to 9:00

Grade 4 awards 9:30 to 10:00

Grade 5 awards 10:30 to 11:00

Grade 3 awards 12:30 to 1:00

There is also discussion of how to launch a new Beta Club for grade 5 students in 2018-2019 which will participate in the Beta Club State Conference. If you would like to help in the planning and discussion, let me know.