Tomás Morales

"A vote for me is a vote for fun!"

My government stands for freedom as the students will have the right to go to the bathroom at any time and, free time after work is finished My government will also stand for equality as students will treat each other equally and with respect and the laws apply to all. The last thing I fight for is human rights as food is a human right, also students may vote when they want to change a rule


  1. Snacks will be allowed and it's the person decision to share.
  2. If students decide they can change rules and a voting will be set
  3. Students may go to the bathroom any time they want (they must ask first)
  4. When students finish there work they have free time (Pillows or any other objects can be brought, if a students breaks law 5 he won't have free time that class)
  5. Students must treat each other equally.


I will change the classroom as students can eat while the class is going, also after students have finished there work they have free time, also students may go to the bathroom at any time, as well there will be silence while Mr Brougham is teaching, as students must respect each other by being silent while the other person speaks. This will change for the good of the class as students must respect others.


This style of government is better than a dictatorship, as democracy doesn't force anybody to do anything as the citizens have a voice in who they want as a leader.

Why democracy

Democracy is a style of government that chooses leaders by a process of voting. Democracy focuses on human rights for its citizens, as well as equality. Citizens participate in this political system as they choose there political leader/representative.


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