Kindergarten Newsletter


Classroom News!

"It all started with that shoe on the wall.

A shoe on the wall...?

Shouldn't be there at all!"

Wednesday was "Wacky Wednesday" and boy what a wacky day it was! The children arrived in the classroom to find a shoe on the wall, their check-in photos upside down, the job chart filled with teacher's names, chairs backwards, and their two teachers looking crazy. That was only the beginning! We walked to our special classes in line backwards and sideways, sang silly songs, painted with brushes between our toes, and ate dessert before lunch!

We started the week by taking a careful look at the illustrations in several Dr. Seuss books. We noticed that Dr. Seuss had a distinctive and very recognizable artistic style. We made a list of our observations and each child created their own creatures in the style of Seuss. Come and visit the colorful Seuss gallery in our classroom!

We finished reading "My Father's Dragon." The children admired Elmer's quick wit and skill with which he saved the baby dragon.

"You can order any poem you want

at our Kindergarten restaurant!"

It's hard to get into but , if you're lucky you can get a seat at the poetry restaurant where you can make a selection from a menu of poems. Once you order your poem it is delivered to you to decorate any way you like.

Conversation Starters

* What was your favorite part of the story "My Father's Dragon."

* Which song is "All a joke."

* What was your favorite part of Wacky Wednesday?

Fun Things To Do At Home

* Read the poem of the week.

* Have a safe and relaxing spring break!

Poem of the Week


I went to the doctor,

He reached down my throat,

He pulled out a shoe

And a little toy boat.

He pulled out a skate

And a bicycle seat,

And he said, "Be more careful

About what you eat!"

Shel Silverstein

Expert of the Day

Hooray for our experts this week - Sloan and Zara! Sloan dazzled us with her flower making skills. He taught us how to make beautiful roses using only ribbons and pipe cleaners. We travelled with Zara to India. She introduced us to the country with some factual information and she showed us rangoli used to celebrate the spring festival Holi. She also gave each of us gulab jamun ( an Indian dessert) to eat. Yum!