Literature Circles

Student Centered Learning in Action

Why Literature Circles?

What goal do you envision at the beginning of the year when planning your Comprehensive Literacy Program? Most educators dream of fostering a life-long love of reading in their students. However, depending on what grade you teach, preparing your students for a standardized test or getting bogged down by trying to cover all aspects of the curriculum might result in even the most passionate reading teacher losing sight of his or her ultimate aim. By incorporating Literature Circles in your Literacy program you can ensure that your students will have an opportunity to actively engage with a text that they have selected in an authentic manner.

One Piece of the Puzzle

Literature Circles are one component of a Comprehensive Literacy Program. There is a time and place for teacher-led instruction and, yes, even worksheets! However, there should also be a designated time and place in which students can have self-directed discussion surrounding literature that is self-selected. Just as adults love to talk about a great book they have read, students need opportunities to connect with others over good literature. Hopefully as educators we can model a love of reading and pass it along to our students in a meaningful way.

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