Please Stop Laughing At Me


There is many things to talk about in this book. This is basically a story about a girl named Jodee who was just trying to fit in. But after doing the right thing, she ends up getting picked on by all these kids. They kicked and punched her, messed with her cloths and did many other bad things. Basically tortured her! So, her and her mom and dad decided that the best thing for her should be to change school. As, she went into high school, she thought at first, things were getting better. Yet again, she tried doing the right thing and then she ends up getting picked on really bad. Her senior year, her last day of high school, she was trying to get people to sign her year book, and she asked her crush Tyler and he wrote something really mean and nasty on it. As she stormed out of the school, she was crying and very upset and refused to go back to that school ever again. But, 20 years later, is her high school reunion, and she is really nervous to go. She is scared to go back in there because she thinks that they are going to make fun of her and pick on her. So, she finally got the courage to go in and all her old bullies ended up apologizing to her. Also, they invited her out for drinks. So, that is what the story was basically about it.

About Jodee

Jodee is just a girl who wanted to fit in but had trouble. And people just picked on her for no reason. But in the end all her old bullies apologized to her. Also, invited her out for drinks after the reunion.


Jodee had many conflicts during this book. She was picked on constantly, abused, and tortured for just doing the right thing. Then she tried moving schools and it still did not go over very well. She was still getting picked on by kids and on her last day of her high school career, they were all signing year books and Jodee asked her crush to sign it and he wrote a very mean and nasty comment. Jodee was very upset and she stormed out of the school and said that she would never go back their ever again.


You could say many themes about this book. But, I think that the theme is for kids to stop bullying and picking on other kids because they don't know the damage that they are doing to these kids.

Textual Evidence

The part in this book that I really thought was when Tyler "Jodees crush,"came up to sign her year book. And he wrote the meanest comment ever and that is when I thought was a very intense point during the book.


I give this book and 4 star rating. I thought it was a good book, but there was some sections that I thought were pretty boring.

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