Brickie Bulletin

February 2019


Thank you for your patience during e-learning! As an administrative team, we loved receiving pictures from students about their e-learning experiences. Students embraced the challenge of being out of the building for six days and took learning into their own hands. Our students were resourceful-they knew how to email their teachers and contact them through various methods. Teachers held digital help sessions, "office hours", and resource rooms. Teachers were able to reach out to students via GoGuardian and interact on the spot. It was fantastic! We know that we still have room to grow with e-learning, but we are so proud of our staff and students for taking on the challenge of the Polar Vortex! If you have any questions regarding work assigned during e-learning, please contact your child's teacher(s). Again-thank you for working with us this past week!

New administrative roles

With the new semester, there have been some changes to the administrative team at HHS. Here are the roles:

9th Grade Dean: Matt Whiteman

10th Grade Dean: Craig Osika

11th Grade Dean: Tracy Brumley

12th Grade Assistant Principal: Colleen Newell

If you have any questions or need help with your student, please contact the appropriate grade-level administrator.

Misty Scheuneman and Brett Munden remain as co-principals of the high school.

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Student Spotlight: Amber Anderson

Senior Amber Anderson recently competed in Chicago at the American Academy of Art for their Senior Scholarship Competition Day. This competition was for a chance at scholarships for their college. Amber had to have everything she would need, or think she would need, with her for the entire day.

The students were given a three hour period to do a still life painting in a medium of their choice. They then had to turn around and do a figure drawing from life in three hours. These two works are what they students were judged on for a chance at a scholarship award from American Academy of Art.

Amber received the letter over winter break telling her that she won a scholarship! In fact, she came in 11 out of the top 32 placements! Amber is the very proud recipient of a $17,000 scholarship for her outstanding work and is officially accepted to their college for next year!

Congratulations, Amber!


Want to see what is available for our students?

Click on the link to see the Opportunities Newsletter from our Guidance Department!

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Nurse's Corner

Flu- Get your Flu shot! Spread holiday cheer to friends and family this season, not the flu! Contact your healthcare provider or make an appointment at our Brickie Clinic 219-945-9383.

Vaccinations- All students are required to have up to date immunizations- Finally letters will be going home by December 7th for student that are not up to date on their shots! Final Deadline for vaccinations are December 17th. Starting on this date your student will be excluded from school until records are presented to school or Administration.

Health Conditions- If your student has a specific health condition or needs special care during the school day such as medication, treatments, or monitoring, please inform your school nurse and provide your nurse with a care plan. Individual health care plans help keep your student safe and healthy.

Sick students- Please keep all sick children home from school- this includes fever greater than 100 degrees, vomiting or diarrhea. If you are unsure, please call your healthcare provider or school nurse for advice.

Head Lice- It’s that time of year where our students break out their coats, scarves and hats. Please encourage your child not to share such items as hats, scarves, brushes or any personal items. Lice is not a danger to your child’s health, it is simply an annoying problem that comes around this time of year, so no need to panic. Please know that anyone and everyone can get lice. Getting lice has nothing to do with you being clean or dirty, it only has to do with the fact that you are human. It is very important to check your family for lice this time of year regularly. If you find any live lice or eggs, it is absolutely necessary to treat each “infected” person, but more importantly, you must notify the school so that we can effectively and confidentially assist you with monitoring. The school nurse can assist you with proper treatment options as well as identify and demonstrate for you what to do.

Clothing- Please make sure your student has an extra change of clothing in his/her backpack incase needed for unseen circumstances that may arise during the school day.

If you have any questions, please call your school nurse or visit our school web page at for more information on student health, school forms, and other helpful links

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2019 Yearbooks still for sale

Order your 2019 yearbook now! Email or go to --search Hobart High school and order using a credit card.

Free Tutoring Available!

Hobart High School is offering tutoring for students on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning September 10th. The sessions are conducted by a certified staff member and provide students additional assistance in core academic areas. Sessions will begin at 2:45pm in the media center and conclude at 4:00pm. Tutoring is available for English and all levels of math.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is available from the tutoring sessions. If students would like to use bus transportation, they need to fill out a transportation request form available in the media center. Please allow 24 hours to process the application for transportation once it is received. Students who plan to ride the bus home from tutoring must sign up in the media center by 12:00 p.m. of each day they wish to attend.

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Upcoming Important Dates

February 15-18: No School (Presidents' Day Weekend)

March 15: Springfest