September 2


Review 1-5


Unit 1- Trading Stickers, combining coins

Investigation 1- Session 1.6 Assessment: Adding and Subtracting 10s


We use equivalencies among pennies, dimes, and dollars and add and subtract multiples of ten.

I will use coins as representations of tens and ones and use them to add and subtract.


What combination of pennies and dimes can we take to make 14 cents? If I have 2 dimes and 2 pennies how much more do we need to get to 30 cents?


How many more to 100?How much more to $1.00? Be sure to show your work on the number line.(pages 22,23)

How many more to 100?How much more to $1.00(27,28,29)

Capture 5

Collect $2.00


We will describe the interaction of characters including their relationships and the changes they undergo.

I will explain the character relationships and changes they undergo by providing evidence from the text.


1. How do pictures help you understand the character better?

2. How do reads see the characters without pictures?

3. Explain how you can visualize the characters using their words and actions?

CW: #3


We will plan first draft by generating idea through a range of strategies.

I will create a list of adaptations and justify why they would improve the story.


1. Why do think an author might alter the original fairy tale?

2. How can changing one adaptation change other parts of the story?

3. What adaptations could you make to the story to improve it?

CW: #3

Word Study

Word Study: (Daily 5)

We will identify and use antonyms and synonyms.

I will identify and use antonyms and synonyms using task cards.

Introduction to Reading Skills: Word Learning - Synonyms and Antonyms