One major family change


Divorce Rate

The divorce rate has extremely incease in the last 50 years. The peak of divorces was in the 1970s. Some of the reasons that the rate has increase is that divorces are easy and cheap to do. The laws for divores has change over the years making it easier to get a divorces. Also the laws are giving women the right to get a divorce. Another reason that divorces have increase is that women have changed. They are unhappy with there marrige and no longer want to be in it. Seven out of ten women are filing for a divorce. It is said that most teens that get married are mostly to get a divorce. Also there is a bigger chance for divorce in a marrige in the first 5 to 7 years. Even though since the 1970s that the divorce rate a decreased slowly it is still way higher than when it use to be.

Children and divorces

Divorces cause most childs to have tons of different problems. But not all children have this issue. Children of a divorces family are lprobably going to have problems in school or with authority. The kids also become mean have low self-esteem, and drepession. Some children have problem becoming independent from their family. They also have trouble of being in a relationship. Divorces really affect children but its not all children.


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