By: Ash Hoelscher and Lucas Clayton


The Union and Confederate armies are 2 very different armies. The Union soldier dresses in blue hats, a blue shirts, light blue pants, and black boots. Confederate soldiers wears long gray shirts, light blue pants, gray jackets. Union is full of abolitionists and the Confederacy is for slaves.Please be prepared by 1861.Thank you for fighting for the sake of America.(All slaves fighting will be freed).
Emancipation Proclamation: to free slaves who fought against the Confederacy

Draft:to choose people to fight in the war


For 2 years the south had won almost every battle but that was about to change. General Lee believed that if they could win the north would surrender, but the north won and that was the turning point of the war. One of the reasons for the south's loss was when Gen. Lee decided to charge which is know as Pickett's charge. This war was the turning point in the civil war and the north was victorious in multiple wars later.


In the Civil War medical was very poor. Doctors in the civil war were very inexperienced. They did not know what was a good treatment for many things so getting shot meant you might not be cured so others can be saved or most likely get infected from not properly cleaned tools,or get a limb chopped off.


During the Civil War they had many different types of combat. They still lined up in big lines and fought head on (Napeleon style). Troops also found high grounds and ditches to fire from. They got new rifles that are more accurate (not muskets), they got artillery. All this makes the Civil War the BLOODIEST war EVER.


The North and South had many differences but, they still had similar conditions. The North and South had more opportunities for women. But the South was losing property to union soldiers. The North had anger surrounding the draft, because the rich could pay their way out of the draft. The South was having a serious food and water shortage. With the war going on the North started having riots. In the south they were having major theft occurring. The North was destroying homes and farms in the South.