The Sun

Focus Question: How does the Sun affect the Earth?

How the SUN Affects the EARTH

  • The Sun is a star that produces heat and light deep down inside of it.
  • The Sun produces and gives off its own heat and light.
  • Earth receives that heat and light after they travel through space.
  • The Sun is the source of almost all energy on Earth.
  • Plants take the Sun's energy and uses it to make food energy.
  • The Sun's energy causes weather conditions on Earth.
  • Heat from the Sun caused the process of evaporation of water on Earth's surface.
  • The Sun's energy is stored in fossil fuels (for example: coal, oil or natural gas) that formed from some organisms that dies long ago.


In your science journals, copy the image below. Use the rays from the Sun to Earth to list facts about how the Sun affects the Earth.
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