The FRIDAY Review

October 11, 2019

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Feeling discouraged, at times, is a normal part of life. It is what you do when you feel that way that is the kicker. Everyone experiences disappointment! You're not alone.

Developing a can-do attitude and reacting in a positive way when you face a challenge can ward off discouragement. See disappointment as a way to recharge and refocus! With some self-convincing, hard work and self awareness, you will be back to a positive YOU in no time.

Have you felt discouraged lately? How are you handling it? How has this impacted you? Your colleagues? Your students? Know that you are a vital part of SHMS and your Spartan Family is here if you need us! RECHARGE, SPARTANS!

From Mrs. Lewis...

    • PROTOCOL WHEN YOU ARE OUT - Call Mrs. Lewis on the morning of your absence by 6am. Once you gain approval, schedule your sub in AESOP by 6:15am. Emails and texts are unacceptable forms of communication as they may not always be read by the start of school. The teacher is responsible for providing lesson plans.
    • Nine Week Planning - You deserve it. Save the date November 8 or 12. A schedule will be sent soon. Substitutes will be scheduled for your to plan.
    • SPREADING SUNSHINE - Wednesday, you will have an opportunity to write a letter to a colleagues to acknowledge them for a good deed or just to show support. Please take this opportunity to show some love. <3
    • OBAN, SCOTLAND Students to VISIT - On Tues, Oct 15th, Oban, Scotland students will visit our school. Please remind students to be on their best behavior.
    • SIGNING DAY - OCTOBER 16th - A list of students will be sent to you by the first of the week that are invited to signing day. These students will be part of SMART LUNCH where Elective and Support Staff will work with students during their lunch on Thursdays of each week. Students will then sign up with the staff member of their choice as mentors during their regular lunch. They will need to bring their lunch to the gym. Please allow these students to be at the front of the line.
    • CHOCOLATE ASSEMBLIES - We need your help to sell chocolate!!! This is how we fund student and faculty events. We will follow a regular schedule, but you will need to adjust your core time to allow for the assembly. 7th/8th 1:45pm 6th 2:30 (Gym)
    • SCHOOL PICTURES (Thursday, October 17) - Ms. Harris will call each classroom to come to the Media Center when photographers are available. Please be flexible in this process. The Media Center will be closed for the day for book checkout. Schedule below.
    8:30-M. Quick class
    8:45-10:15 - 6th grade classes

    10:15 - 11:30 - 7th grade classes

    11:45 - 1:30 - 8th grade classes

    • NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH WEEK - How will we interact with our parents? How do we ineteract with our students? Be sure that we welcome our parents and make them feel part of the family as they eat with our students.
    • PLAY PRODUCTION(Beauty & the Beast) - Any teacher who is interested in helping with the spring production (Beauty and the Beast, Jr.), please contact Ms. Harris. Next week there will be an interest meeting for any student that would like to audition on Monday during POWER time. They will sign up for either Wednesday/Thursday to audition. Auditions will take place from 3:45-4:45 PM and students should have a ride home at that time.
    • MATH TEACHERS - Are you using gridded response problems in your weekly assessments/homework? Why not?
    • MASS EMAILS - Administration must approve mass email distribution.
    • STAFF ABSENCES - We need everyone present on testing days October 18 - 28. Please avoid missing days.
    • DISMISSAL CHANGE - Beginning Monday, October 14th, the only bell that will ring is the one for car riders. Bus riders will wait in their classrooms until their bus number is called. Students should wait quietly so that bus numbers can be heard.


    • The testing department has put together a document to help you with directions for the NC Check-Ins. Follow the directions as written until you come to the part about the additional time. Page numbers are on the document to make sure you know which part is being referred to.
    • The end of the test instructions are also on the document, so you will not forget to read the last 2 lines. If you have students using the 30 minutes, read from the district document.
    • If you need to have a drink (preferable water), please be discreet about it. Especially since students will not be provided bottled water.


    • This year homecoming will take place during halftime of the Carver football game on Wednesday, November 6.
    • Homecoming dance will be Friday, November 8. Please let students know they will not be allowed to attend the dance if they receive ISS or OSS between Monday, October 14 - Friday, November 8. Please see Ms. Allen if you are interested in chaperoning. (Nov 8 dance may have to be postponed. Stay tuned.)
    • CANDY - WE need candy for Trunk or Treat. Staff, can you donate or find community members to donate bags of candy for our big day?
    • Setting Goals for Check-Ins? Don't forget to get with Estella do determine goals.
    • ATTENDANCE during TESTING - Teachers, we need your help to get our students to school on testing days. The team that has the highest percentage in each grade level will earn an ice cream treat. Teachers begin advertising now.
    • SHS PARADE - October 18th 4:00pm Downtown Laurinburg - Come show your support for our students and the Fighting Scots!
    • Support Services Monthly Smore -
    • EBOOKS - Ms. Harris has created a screencast with instructions for students to check out ebooks. Some students are not allowed to check out due to fines/overdue books. This is an awesome opportunity of which, many are not taking advantage. Please make your homeroom aware of this resource.

      • STUDENTS WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! Our 2nd annual PBIS Trunk or Treat will be held on October 31st from between 12:30 - 2pm. Students will need to meet PBIS Stamp Requirement. This starts NOW. Help encourage!
      • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

      Upcoming Dates

      October 2019

      • October 14 - SIT Meeting

      • October 14 - Sunshine Members can wear jeans

      • October 14- Cross Country @ West Hoke

      • October 15- Girl’s Track @ SHS

      • October 15 - Oban Students Tour School

      • October 16 - Chocolate Sales Kickoff Assemblies 7th/8th 1:45 6th grade 2:30

      • October 16- Football @ Sandy Grove

      • October 16 - SMART LUNCH Signing Day (During Lunch Shifts in the Gym)

      • October 17- School Pictures (See Schedule Above)

      • October 18 - SHS Homecoming Parage 4pm

      • Ocotober 18 - Science Benchmark - 8th

      • October 22 - Girl’s Track @ Hoke
      • October 23 - Football @ Wallace
      • October 24 - Cross Country @ Rockingham
      • October 24 - Golf @ Scotch Meadows

      • October 28- End of Grading Period
      • October 29- Cross Country @ Rockingham
      • October 30- Football @ West Hoke
      • October 30- Morning/Afternoon duty change
      • October 31- PBIS Goal Celebration / Trunk or Treat reward

      Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at