Fight or Flight

A Short story by: Madison Luckey

Nap time

As the sun's blanket of light slowly covered the farm a faint buzz could be heard throughout the area . It was the Sherber's old famous honey farm with beehives surrounding the worn wooden building in the center. There lay asleep was Cheddar, their beloved cat, whose fur was as orange as a block of cheddar cheese. Like a cloth, his body was draped over the white fence that surrounded the property. He yawned and stretched his little fluffy arms, and as he sniffed the sweet aroma that lingered all over the farm, he knew what the day had in store for him.
It was one Cheddar's favorite day of the year, harvest day! But Cheddar pondered how in the world he will get to that honey without being caught. Like a flash of light went off in his mind he realized there was a hive in the top of the tallest tree on the farm. Since then its wasn't a kept hive no one will be upset if he takes the honey! With springs on his paws Cheddar skipped to the tall plant and look up at the bulbous colony. The tree must of had had great turgor pressure due to its sturdy withstanding, while some the white plants below wilted sadly. As Cheddar began his journey up to the top of the giant autotroph, the external stimulus grew louder and louder ( this and the scent of the honey is an example of a taxis). Like he had climbed to the top of Mount Everest, he celebrated in delight at the sight of the honey source that lay before him.
Cheddar slowly creeped up to the porous structure and reach his paw to swipe some honey comb when.... Sting!! (The bee stung Cheddar: this is an example of fight). In less then a second Cheddar jumped in mid air with his back hunch like a bridge as a response to that external stimulus. The pain surged through his paw as he raced out of the tree. I guess Cheddar better mind his own beeswax!