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Writing Our Own Story -- Mankato East Jr. High

December 2015 - January 2016

7th Grade Life Science - Mr. Shores -

Science teachers have been experimenting this year with new techniques to engage student learners. These strategies put students at the center, observing, documenting, and questioning, throughout the learning experience.
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Barbie Bungee Jump - Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis supervises as 8th grade Algebra I student Jay patiently awaits the next Barbie doll to drop. In the real world, it is sometimes necessary to develop a mathematical model to predict how something will perform. Students developed an equation to describe the amount of stretch in a bungee cord of rubber bands of varying length. The thrill of the bungee jumping experiment is to see how close the jumper (Barbie) comes to the ground without actually hitting it.
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Critical Reading in 8th Grade

Prairie Winds Middle School Furniture Committee Work

Students test out a potential tall puzzle table. A committee of teachers and administrators have been meeting monthly since August to determine the best options for furniture for Prairie Winds Middle School opening in the fall 2016.
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Let's Debate!

8th grader Madeline qualified and competed at the MN State Debate tournament. 8th grader Malachy (not pictured) also participated at the tournament. Great job representing Mankato East Jr. High.
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Circle of Power and Respect

When the cold wind blows, it blows for...

Students circle up on Mondays and Thursdays during CPRs to build an advisory of trust and to get to know each other better. The students pictured here were prepping for an activity called "When the cold wind blows." This activity required moving across the circle based upon reflections of past experiences and personal preferences. Advisories also took part in a MLK, Jr. Day CPR on January 18 with a focus on Dr. King's philosophy of nonviolence and what we can learn from his ideas.
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School-wide Toy Drive

Secret Santa Shop

Mankato East Jr. High students and staff donated gently used toys and children's books, as well as holiday gift wrap, for a recent local act of charity. Donations benefited the Secret Santa Shop that took place in Eagle Lake on Dec. 13, 2015. Several Student Council members volunteered their service at the event. Their primary responsibilities were to entertain, supervise, read to, and play with children while parents shopped for presents.

Math League - Team Champions!

The EJH Math League team went 5-0 in competition this season against New Ulm, Lake Crystal, and DMMS. Pictured below are Parker (2nd place) and Katelyn (1st Place) East's individual champions. Great team effort kicking brain and keeping the winning streak alive! This makes 21 championships in 22 years!
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The Band- Mr. Eichhorst

The 8th grade band performs during a holiday concert under the direction of Mr. Eichhorst.

Upcoming concert dates:

Band - February 25 - 7:30 pm

Orchestra - March 8 - 8:01 pm

Choir - March 22 - 7:30 pm

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Climb 2 Feed Kids

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Walking Advertisements!

Student Council members Zoie and Emily hit the hallways promoting a fundraising event to support our Climb 2 Feed Kids staff team the "Mankato East Junior Hunger Crushers." Students who donated $2 could wear a hat all day in class. Teachers who donated $5 could wear jeans. Together we raised $244 toward our goal of $1000 before competition day at MSU. All proceeds benefit the Back Pack Food Program. The teamed raised $1150 overall and had a great time climbing steps!
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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports - Mr. Madson

8th grade English student Diamond receives a HIGH PAW recognition in class for demonstrating her P.R.I.D.E expectations and for being a model East Jr. High student. Students enter their High Paws in a drawing and can earn opportunities to take part in quarterly Minute-to-Win-it challenges during PRIDE assemblies and/or win prizes.
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PRIDE Assembly MC- Mr. Engel

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Stages Theater Artists in Residence Activities


The Perspectives on Peace Performances took place during English 7 class periods. Reflection occurred after each performance involving audience interaction with students, parents, teachers, and Stages staff.
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Learning alongside her students- Ms. Firkins

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Technology Integration -- Ms. Tibben

Taking advantage of our new Chromebooks, social studies and math teachers proctored the winter NWEA reading and math tests in their classrooms. This process has traditionally been done in a computer lab. Teachers will use the results of this formative assessment to guide their instruction and best meet the needs of their students in preparation for upcoming MCAs.
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8th Grade Mystery Rock Lab -- Mrs. Herrera

Austin confers with his teacher to clarify whether or not he correctly identified the rocks.
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Shared Knowledge Through STEAM Notebooks

Earth Science students Gavin, Jackson, Mckayla, & Maile make observations of mystery rocks and drawings in their Interactive notebooks. They continually rotated their notebooks around the lab table noting similarities and differences in their classmates ideas. Engagement reached a new level as their notebooks became public record of their work.
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WICOR Strategies In Action!

Door Decor!

Advisories completed a STEAM investigation into College and Career Readiness. Students were asked to consider:

  1. Looking to the future, which college will you attend?

  2. How will you choose that college?

  3. What information do you need to make a good, informed choice for yourself?

Advisory members developed and answered questions about their advisory’s selected college. The research was then displayed on their door. Come stroll through the halls and see the numerous colleges and wealth of information!

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February Calendar

3 AVID MSU Field Trip (8:15-12:35)

9 2 Hour Late Start

19 Mid-Quarter

25 Band Concert - 7:30PM

29 Conferences 3:30-7:30 PM