internet safety

why you should not put personal info online

being safe online

being safe online is really important because there are a lot of predators out there they make a Facebook or another social website and lye. about their age and name. you should never send/accept a friend request to a person you do not know. if you do they can message you because they can say hi am john and I'm 16 years old. you will never know. their age can be 53 and their name may be David. so be careful

personal information

think before you post

be careful what you put online. you can put very personal stuff. you can put your email address, home phone number, cell phone number, home address, full name, what city/state you live in, birthday. just by all of that predators can figure out where you live, social security number, or what school you go to. so do not put anything that is very personal about you. but if you do wanna put that stuff you're taking a big risk. its much more safer but make sure you do note accept or send friend request to people you do not know.