Thomas Havran


I am a very passionate person, with a love for many things. With so many things to choose from, it has taken me years to decide what I want to do with my life. Giving to people brings me great joy, and from an early age I always enjoyed helping my friends understand new concepts and ideas. I have been a musician for years. One day I decided that my love was right in front of me the whole time. It was my guitar. Now I want to share my passion of music with the world, and that is what brought me to Baldwin Wallace University.

More about me

When it comes to music, I will play just about anything I can get my hands on. I really enjoy fooling around with the drums, vibes, bass guitar, and piano. Around the age of 12 I had to decide between playing the drums or the guitar. I picked the guitar because it was easier to transport. I also have a violin which I play very badly, but have fun doing it. I'm very excited to learn more about different musical instruments in college. When it comes to style, I listen to many different types of music. As a child I grew up on old blues and rock-n-roll music. Eventually getting into classical prior to my teen years. As a teenager I began listening to a lot of progressive and instrumental metal. It wasn't until college that I developed an appreciation for jazz music. At first it sounded so ugly to me, but after a while I began to love it. I think that the more I learn about music, I acquire a more diverse taste for it.


When I am not writing songs on my guitar, I like to play recreational sports like basketball and football. I like to swim, jet ski, hike through the woods, climb rocks, and do other outdoors stuff. I recently began doing Jiu Jitsu on the weekends and I really enjoy it. I also love to be around animals. I have been doing volunteer work with the Berea Animal Rescue Fund for over a year and recently began volunteering at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. I am always interested in trying new things. I think next summer I will try to get a skydiving liscense.