Project GLAD

Tier 1 Training

Please contact Natasha Gerasimchuk at X: 5573,

or Kristin Day X:5576,

with any questions concerning this event.

PROJECT GLAD Tier 1 Training (6 Days)

2 Day Research & Theory Workshop:

* Monday, June 13th - Tuesday, June 14th, 8am-4pm
* CenterPlace Event Center, 2426 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley, WA

4 Day Demonstration with Students:

(Only Available to participants who have completed the 2-day workshop)

* Monday, June 27th - Thursday, June 30th, 8am-4pm
* Demonstration Unit:
* Location TBD
Registration Fee: $1,250 per person:(In district funded thru Title III/Special Programs)


* 2-day workshop (research & theory & overview of all strategies of the Project GLAD Model
* 4-day demonstration (in-classroom observation model and strategies
* Project GLAD website password
* Project GLAD binder
Registration Process:

* Check this website to confirm availability:
* Confirm your own availability and commitment to attend all 6 days in the summer. Do Not register if you are unsure of your ability to commit for all of the days. It is very difficult to fill slots at the last minute.
* Compelte all information on the registration website.
* Direct questions to Natasha and Kristin (contact info above).
Clock Hours: Up to 42

Project GLAD Tier 1 Training

Monday, June 13th, 8am-4pm

2426 North Discovery Place

Spokane Valley, WA

For more information, visit the event page on Eventbrite.