Chuck Berry

Another Name for Rock and Roll By Robert Wyndham


Chuck berry was Born in St. Lois on October 18,1926. Although he did he was known as "the father of rock and roll", he had a life long interest in photographing. Never the less he got his first start in music in the all man's review singing "Confessen' the blues" 1941. However do to several run ins with the law, he's career came to a stop. He was arrested in 1944 and than released1947. After several years of trying to find a job he settled into a band on new year's eve in 1952. The rest was music history.

How he changed rock and roll

Chuck berry was known as "The Father Of Rock and Roll" because he took blues and made he own style of it. He took his lyrics and made his listeners pay attention to them. Although he didn't make the name of this new music himself, it still was recognized as his style. He also made his music enjoyable not only for his core African American listeners, but also for the young white listeners as well. By doing this he broke the color barrier of music.