The Canyon News

As we move towards the Holidays

Our New Website!

Our Program Staff and development team have been working really hard at making Canyonview Ministries more unified as we move under one website. All of our branches of ministry will now be working from the same arena, moving us into a future of better communication for you and the community that we serve. Take a look around as you see you and exciting adventures on the horizon.

Prayer Warriors!

Here is our monthly update for our Prayer Warriors!
If you want to join in our Prayer Warriors team, email to be on the "front-lines" of praying for our ministry!
-Pray for wisdom as opportunities to see lives changed, each weekend during our retreats and conferences, help to produce people coming to a personal relationship with Christ.
-Pray for the 70+ campers that came to Christ this past summer to continue to be plugged in to a church family.
-Pray for the Auction and the Team that is working to make it happen
-Pray for the Equestrian College. There are 8 students this year, coming from all over the country. Pray that they will be given opportunities to spread the gospel in their internships and that they will be prepared for the rigors of the winter months in the rain and cold.
-Pray for our full time staff as they continue to run retreats and conferences throughout the winter.
-Pray for people to continue to give faithfully to our ministries in our "not-so-busy" months.
-Pray for volunteers to continue to serve faithfully to make camp looking good.


Canyonview Ministries

We are a non-profit organization that is run by Christ Jesus our Lord. We are here to Edify, Evangelize, Equip the men and women, boys and girls, that enter the community. We are a member of Bible Teaching Inc. and a member of Christian Camp and Conference Association.