Sky Science

We all love Space! By Brooklyn

Summer and Winter solstice

The first day of summer is June 21 because that is the day the sun is the highest and get the most sun light. December 21 is the first day of winter because the sun is the lowest and it is the shortest day of the year. In the summer solstice the sun ray's hit Earth more directly, and in the winter solstice we don't get as much direct sun.


There are equal day and equal nights, and there is a spring equinox and a fall/autumn equinox.

How To Look At The Sun Safely

You should not look at the sun at all because we could damage your eyes badly.

You can use a special filter for telescopes, a pinhole camera, welders lenses #14 and even if it is a cloudy day it s still NOT SAFE to look at the sun.

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