3 European Countries

France, Ireland and England

These three countries I've elaborated on below; France, Ireland, and England are all European countries. I will be showing the population, some country concern and important events and historical monuments and more! Keep reading to find out more about France, Ireland, and England!


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France Government Type: Constitutional republic

Leader: Francois Hollander

Member of the eu: yes

Concern: menacing hand gesture

Historical political event: French revolution

Historical monument: Palace of versants

Person who changed history: Charles de guan leader of the French in ww2

Population:64.3 million

%arable land:33.7

Example of human environment interact: building railroads


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Ireland Government Type: Constitutional republic, Unitary republic, Parliamentary system
President: Michael D. Higgins
member of EU: Yes
event: 16 - 20 January 2014

Shannonside Winter Music Weekend

historical political event: The Economist’s headline is ‘meltdown’. It goes on to describe events as they unfolded over the past days, noting the bailout and the potential passage of the Finance Bill.

Historical monument: Newgrange, County Meath

A Person who changed history and how: Harry Ferguson was responsible for the original Ferguson System of tractor.

Population: 4.589 million

% arable land: 15.81%


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Government Type: monarchy
Leader: prime minister David cameron
member of EU: no
event: pangbourne

historical political event: civil rights movement

Historical monument: great fire of london

A Person who changed history and how: queen Elizabeth II

Population: 53.01 million

% arable land: 25%