" Always stay bright "

A little a bout myself

I am currently on the Eisenhower Eaglettes dance team.I have been dancing since the age of seven. I was a member of the Aldine dance company for about three years. My favorite styles of dancing is jazz and hip hop. I've tried other sports like track,cheer, and basketball. And I decided to stick with dancing. My favorite color is lime green. I love peach rings, they're my favorite! I love to sleep, eat, and do my my makeup.

Something I will never change my mind about...

I will never change my decision on becoming a dancer. It is something that I've developed love for. I am greatful for the gift to dance , it is truly a blessing, and not everyone can dance. I feel that I am a pretty amazing dancer, and i will continue to take advantage of my gift.


Future goals...

I plan to successfully graduate from High School, and attend SHSU. I am determined to become a pharmacist for a great company. I also plan to join a competitive dance team while building my career. Hopefully, some day far from today I will be a great mother.