Mechanical Engineering

Tom Doerr


Mechanical engineers create tools, engines, and other machines for use by all kinds of fields. This field interests me because I would love to work in the design/mechanical aspect of cars and car racing, and this seems to be the field that would be involved in.

A Typical Day

Mechanical engineers will spend most of their days at a computer. They design a vast range of products, from power-producing equipment like engines and generators to power-using equipment such as refrigerators, and will use computers to test their own designs as well as designs made by other people. In addition, they will often work with people in other disciplines to create a functional product that also is visually pleasing.


The least-paid 10% of mechanical engineers make less than $52,030 per year, and likely accounts for new entrants to the field. The average salary is much higher, at $80,580 per year - that's almost $39 an hour! Even then, with higher education and advancement in the field, mechanical engineers can make upwards of $121,000 each year.

Education Required

A graduate with a bachelor's degree will be able to find employment in this field, though the higher-paying (and likely more fun) jobs will require graduate degrees and significant amounts of workplace experience. All degree programs should be accredited by ABET. Some states require engineers to continue their education and renew their licenses every year, and all require a one-time licensing through the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and the Principles and Practice of Engineering exams for a full license.