Washington Post- June 28th, 1914


By:Jenna Conners

The First Attempt

This morning, in Sarajevo. Duke Ferdinand and his wife, Sophia were in a parade riding in their vehicle in Apple Quay. There were all kinds of people there to see the couple. Everything was going wonderful, until someone from the crowd yelled “look out.” A object was thrown from the crowd, into the air, the duke’s driver noticed the object and drove faster just in time for the grenade to miss the vehicle, but rolled under the car behind them. There were 7 to 12 reports of citizens inured. A man named,Nedeljko Cabrinovic fled from the crowd, and reached a bridge, he climbed onto the top and took a pill, a cyanide then dove head first into the 6 inches of water below. The cyanide had not worked, therefore a failed suicide attempt, he was arrested.

Second and Final Attempt

Duke Ferdinand gave a speech, at the Town Hall. Duke Ferdinand decided to move his meetings at the hospital at the Governor’s mansion. On the way to the hospital, the Duke’s driver took a wrong turn, when he realized his mistake, he stopped and tried backing up. He was not able to back up, due to a car that was behind them. A man from a cafe called Schiller’s cafe shot Duke Ferdinand in the throat, then pointed his gun at Sophia, and shot her in the stomach. The man tried pointing the gun to his head, but an officer stopped the man from pulling the trigger. One of the Duke’s guards, Count Van Harrach was an eyewitness. He tells the police, he felt something fall onto his cheek, it was the Duke’s blood. He saw the Duke had bled out, so did Sophia. He heard the Duke say, “it's nothing”, over and over again until he lost consciousness. The eyewitness blames himself for the deaths. The first assassination attempt and the shootings were a hour and a half apart. Princip and Cabrinovic were put under interrogation. The men both admitted to being apart of a terrorist group called, The Black Hand. There were several men lined up, so that if there were any mess ups in the assassination, then there would be more than one attempt.


The police Chief has closed off all streets, mule routes, rail roads to investigate the area. The town has a curfew at 11 pm. The police Chief says he fears The Black Hand group are Serbians that are helping the government.

The Black Hand

There was a total of seven assassins that took part in the death of Duke Ferdinand and Sophia. Two are in custody, the 5 left are wanted. If you have any information on where these men might be, contact the police Chief of Sarajevo.
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