Fellowship of the Ring

Individual Novel Project

Summary (up to climax)

The book opens with an elderly hobbit (a hobbit is a mortal being, about half the size of a human) named Bilbo Baggins, giving a magic ring to his nephew Frodo Baggins. They live in a place called The Shire. Frodo receives frequent visits from a human wizard named Gandalf The Grey. Gandalf discovers that the magic ring belonged to Sauron (an evil ruler of middle earth from the past). Gandalf wants Frodo and his friend Sam to take the ring to Rivendell for the Council of Elrond to decide what to do with the ring. An Elf is a humanlike creature that lives forever. On their adventure to Rivendell Frodo and Sam add three new members to their company, two more hobbits and a human named Strider. On the way they encounter frequent attacks by the Black Riders (ghosts of 9 kings) who are searching for the ring. Arriving in Rivendell the Council of Elrond decides to destroy the ring by sending back to the mountain where it was forged. Frodo and eight others set off to Mordor the mountain is located. They are called The Fellowship of the Ring. Traveling through Moria (a cave city through the mountains) they are followed by a creature named Gollum. A battle occurs inside the mountain and while the group flees Gandalf is lost. With the enemy still on their trail, and tension in the fellowship things are not going as planned with Frodo. As the rings power entices a group member named Boromir, Frodo makes a choice that will effect the fellowship.

Holistic Interpretation

The Fellowship of the Ring is about the battle between good vs. evil, loyalty to friends, and the underdog conquering adversity.

Main character Frodo Baggins

Frodo is a hobbit who is the bearer of the ring. He is also very brave,loyal, and determined on his quest into morador. He faces the powers of the ring and fights to overcome the rings power.

Main character Sam

Sam is the loyal friend to Frodo. He never leaves Frodo's side nearly drowning just to be by his side. He also risks his life in battle to protect Frodo.

Main character Gandolf the Grey

Gandolf is a wise wizard who advises Frodo throughout the novel. He is mysterious and not much known about him.

Main character Strider/Aorgorn

Aorgorn is the human propheciesed to defeat all evil. He helps the group of hobbits reach Revendell and defends them loyally. He is also a member of the fellowship.

Secondary character Legolis

He is an elf bowmen, and is apart of the fellowship

Secondary character Boromir

A human from the south who seeks the rings power for himself, he is apart of the fellowship

Secondary character Pippin

He is a hobbit who has stuck by Frodo's side since they left the shire

Incidental characters

Elrond, Tom the barman, Nob, and Bill

Main conflicts

Primary internal conflict: Frodo has to leave the fellowship in order to protect it

Primary external conflict: Frodo has to take the ring into morador

Secondary internal conflict: Boromir tries to take the ring for himself

Secondary external conflict: The black riders


The story takes place in middle-earth during ancient times. The environments change from the grassy shire to the steep misty mountains to the forests of Rivendell. Frodo grows up in the shire, spends several months in Rivendell, and the remaining moments are spent wandering middle-earth.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Born in 1892 John Reonald Reuel Tolkien died 1973. He was a writer, poet, philologist, and professor. The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit are his best known works. He served in the fist world war and then graduated from Oxford college. He created the world of middle-earth. Many other great authors have based their work using the creatures and world Tolkien created.
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Point of view

3rd person

Literary techniques

Simile- "I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread."

Metaphor- "So black were they, that they seemed to be black holes in the deep shade behind them." Pg. 239

Personification-"There was no echo or answer though the wood seemed to become more crowded and more watchful than before." Pg. 147

Simile-"His eyes were as grey as a clear evening"

Simile-"Keen as lances in the starlight"

Simile-"Voice like music"

Simile-"Slender as the willow-wand, clearer than the river."

Simile-"Bilbo often said there was only one road; that it was like a great river... every path was its tributary.''

Figurative language-"The crownless again shall be king" Pg. 324

Figurative language-" The mountains sinking grey" Pg. 446


The theme of the story is courage, loyalty, and over comming adversity. It takes all of these just to bare the ring itself, but Frodo and friends take it all the way to Rivendell and then up to mordor. Frodo especially shows all of these when he makes the choice to leave the company and set off by himself just to keep the others safe.


Understanding the plot-"I will take the ring, though i do not know why."

I chose this quote because the story is about overcoming the rings power and Frodo begins to draw towards it.

Understanding the plot-"And yet their wills do not yield, and they struggled on."

I chose this quote because it tells of their long and dangerous journey from the Shire to Mordor.

Understanding the character-"His love for Frodo rose above all other thoughts, and forgetting his peril he cried aloud: I'm coming Mr. Frodo!"

I chose this quote because it describes sam in one sentences he is a very loyal friend and will always stand side by side with Frodo.

Understanding the plot-Frodo:''I will give you the one ring, if you ask for it" Lady Galadreil:''It is too great a matter for me."

This is important because it says how powerful the ring is Galadreil and Gandalf both refuse the ring and they are some of the most powerful beings in middle-earth.

Understanding the character-"I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam."

This show the friendship and loyalty of two friends Sam and Frodo

Significance of the Title

The title "The Fellowship of the Ring" is significant because that is the group that Frodo sets out with from Rivendell to travel on a dangerous quest to destroy the ring.


The ring is the most powerful symbol in the book, the ring represents all evil in the world. This evil is shown through greed, a thirst for power, and tyranny.

Another symbol is the character Sam. Sam represents ideal friendship. He does this by putting Frodo above himself, he is loyal and stays with his friends no matter what.

The Black Riders are symbolic for greedy people. They are always chasing power in the form of the ring.

Textual Connections

Text to self-"I'm Glad you are here with me, here at the end of all things."

Because my family always has each others backs and we look out for each other.

Text to text-"He cried aloud I'm coming Mr. Frodo."

Sam says this and sam reminds me of Ron from Harry Potter they both stick with their friends and help defeat evil.

Text to world-"Yet their wills do not yield, and they struggle on."

This can relate to some people how live paycheck to paycheck and they have to work hard and just keep at it.

Text to text-"The riders were fast approaching"

The black riders are kind of like dementors in Harry Potter they hunt specific things and don't stop unless commanded by the enemy.

Text to world-"I will take the ring, though i do not know why"

This reminds me of a work place because people have to do things they don't want to do in order to keep the business running.

Text to self-"I feel thin, sort of stretched like butter scrapped over to much bread."

I can relate when I am stressed out and feel like i don't want to do anything.

Text to self-"A great desire came over him to climb the tower and see the sea."

I think this means he wants to see the world. I can relate to this because I love the feeling of being up high and looking out as far as I can.

Text to world- "Not all that was spoken and debated in the Council need now be told."

This reminds me of government because not all that they say is important, they talk a lot about things that don't seem to matter at all before they get to the main point,

Text to self- All were eager to get the journey over as quickly as possible, and were willing, tired as they were, to go on marching still for several hours.

I feel this way on long road trips when we have the opportunity to stop and rest I always want to keep on going so we can get it over with.

Text to self- Sam and Frodo's relationship reminds me of my best friend. We have been together for thick and thin and he has always got my back.